A Pretty Website Is Just The First Step To A Powerful Web Presence.

Boldwala guides you through building a professional website that generates new leads, customers, followers, fans and donors.


Meet Daniel

An expert in dough, not design.

Daniel needed a powerful web presence to get the word out about the incredible hand-crafted beignets available at his gourmet bakery.

Using Boldwala he was able to quickly set up a website, a social media presence and even a PR-kit to get the attention of local bloggers.

Daniel started by building his website using our easy and intuitive website building tool. Within just a few hours he had already launched his website.

Boldwala taught him how to effectively leverage social media, review sites and local listings.

Powerful tools engineered to drive results are helping Daniel take his gourmet bakery to the next level.

Designs That Help You Get Down to Business.

We don’t just help you create a beautiful website, we also equip your website with all the elements it needs to build trust and increase sales, donations, & followers.

Meet Your New Website.

You bring the passion we provide the platform.

Imagine The Possibilities.

Where can your business go with a powerful web presence.


You can build a website on our platform in just a few hours. The other platforms can take weeks.

See For yourself

Way Better Than Drag, Drop & Fiddle.

Without design experience, the drag and drop platforms that require you to fiddle with column width and cropping images can be a nightmare to use. Boldwala changes all of that through an intelligent platform that does the work for you.

Mobile Optimized

So it looks great on all devices.

Website Builder

Bring your vision to life in just a few hours.

Marketing Tools

Generate more leads, sales, customers and fans.


Daniel’s blog is turning him into a celebrity of sorts, his yelp profile is bringing customers through the door, and his website is driving repeat business and allowing him to form new partnerships to take his business to the next level.

Getting Started Is Easy

Concept To Execution.

No experience required

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